Vision Zero

Vision_Zero_LogoUnder Mayor Bowser’s leadership, the District is taking part in the Vision Zero Initiative, which aims to greatly improve the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists. The Vision Zero Initiative is part of the US Department of Transportation’s Mayor’s Challenge for Safer People and Safer Streets, which aims to improve pedestrian and bicycle transportation safety.

The Vision Zero Initiative’s objective is that by 2024, the District will reach zero or greatly reduce fatalities and serious injuries from the transportation system. It is intended for this to be achieved through more effective use of data, education, enforcement and engineering. Transportation officials will be looking at speeds, roadway design, responses to crashes, enforcement and behaviors to improve pedestrian and bike safety.

The District Department of Transportation and the Metropolitan Police Department are working with Mayor Bowser on the Vision Zero Initiative, which aims to reduce serious transportation-related injuries and fatalities by 2024 through a comprehensive approach to transportation safety ranging from road design to perceptions and behavior.