Speeding and Aggressive Driving

The District was one of the first jurisdictions in the country to join the Smooth Operator Program, a regional anti-aggressive driving initiative that today involves more than 300 law enforcement agencies in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Every year, Metropolitan Police participate in law enforcement waves targeting aggressive drivers. Offenses include:

  1. SPEEDING - going faster than the posted speed limit or too fast for weather conditions.
  2. RUNNING RED LIGHTS - and running stop signs.
  3. TAILGATING - or following other vehicles too closely.
  4. MAKING FREQUENT LANE CHANGES -unsafe lane changes or weaving in and out of traffic to get ahead.
  5. FAILING TO YIELD THE RIGHT OF WAY - not allowing other drivers to merge or cutting other drivers off.
  6. PASSING IMPROPERLY - passing on the right, passing on the shoulder of the road, or failing to use turn signals when changing lanes.

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